The case of crowdsourced link promotion

Online store of handmade goods

Search traffic growth
Website traffic growth
Increasing site visibility
6 month

Project budget and statistics

  • 386 links
  • ₽ 46 556

The project was launched before the introduction of Tariffs, with a fixed budget of 5,000 rubles, but was raised to 10,000 rubles from the second month of campaign activity. For six months of promotion with crowd links, a budget of 46,556 rubles was spent and 386 links were installed on donor sites.

The average cost of a link is 120 rubles.

For 6 months, out of 386 crowd links placed, 49 were removed, i.е. a little over 10%. Index of links indexed by search engines

Donor sites index the purchased crowd links quite effectively - you can see it on the screenshot of the project statistics.

Google indexed 272 links, Yandex indexing indicators are not significant for the project, because it is focused on the US market.

Growth of search traffic by 9x in six months

Growth of direct traffic from sites-donors of crowd links by 4.5x in 6 months

The growth of site visibility for key queries was 31%.

What we did - campaign settings

The campaign settings made it possible to purchase crowd links without limiting the domain zones of donor sites.

Values of the quality indicators of sites-donors of links set for the campaign:
Domain Rank - from 30
Trust Rank - from 15
SQI (Yandex) - from 50
Average indicators of donors of crowd links purchased within the framework of the project:
Domain Rank - 36
Trust Rank - 21
SQI (Yandex) - 90

I am grateful for the good work. Entering the West is not an easy task in all respects. Promotion with crowd links (I heard about this for the first time) bribed with its cost and timing and fully justified itself. Having a successful business is great!
Inna Kim
Project Owner


It was difficult, but we managed. Promotion in the English-speaking segment is a relatively new task for us. First of all, the difficulty was in the language barrier of some of our link builders, because of which we had to additionally coordinate the correct “American” turns of speech with the Customer. And then teach our Performers to use them correctly so that the reviews and comments they write look as organic as possible. And the search for almost 400 sites for placement is also not easy. But we are grateful for such an experience and look forward to new tasks “to the West”!

Search traffic growth
Website traffic growth
Visibility increase
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  • 399 links
  • ₽ 50 313
Search traffic growth
Website traffic growth
Visibility increase
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  • 1401 links
  • ₽ 126 445