The case of crowdsourced link promotion

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Search traffic growth
Website traffic growth
Increasing site visibility
10 month

Project budget and statistics

  • 399 links
  • ₽ 50 313

The project was launched before the introduction of Tariffs, with an initial budget of 5,000 rubles per month - this corresponds to the current cost of the “Minimum” tariff. During the procurement process, the budget was adjusted both upwards and downwards. This budget made it possible to purchase almost 400 crowd links with a total budget of just over 50,000 rubles for the entire promotion period.

The average cost of a link was about 126 rubles.

According to the service, out of 399 crowd links purchased during the campaign, 381 are still alive, i.е. no more than 5% was removed.

Donor sites indexed installed links very well - you can see it on the screenshot of the project statistics.

Yandex - 247 links indexed.
Google - 289 crowd links out of 381 existing at the moment.

Growth of search traffic by 10x in 10 months

Website traffic more than tripled in 10 months

In addition to the growth in search traffic and direct traffic from donor sites, the established links provided a 26% increase in the visibility of the site in search engines.

What we did - campaign settings

The campaign settings implied the purchase of crowd links without limiting the domain zones of donor sites. This is due to the regional specifics of the project.

Values of the quality indicators of sites-donors of links set for the campaign:
Domain Rank - from 15
Trust Rank - from 10
SQI (Yandex) - from 150
Average indicators of donors of crowd links purchased within the framework of the project:
Domain Rank - 23
Trust Rank - 16
SQI (Yandex) - 220

During the entire active phase of the campaign, the settings for buying links were significantly changed by the Customer twice. At the start of the campaign, the weekly limit on the installation of crowd links was disabled and the maximum cost of the link was set. In the future, the budget is limited to 5000 rubles per month and the cost of the link is fixed at 150 rubles.

This strategy made it possible at the initial stage to get a large mass of links with high rates, which were included in the search engine index with good speed, thus giving the algorithms the right signals for the growth of positions.

The distribution of anchor and non-anchor crowd links in a ratio of approximately 30/70. The bulk of anchorless links fell on the main page of the site and pages of the latest nesting level. According to the project structure, the maximum nesting level = 4. This made it possible to bring low-frequency information requests to the Yandex TOP-1 in the shortest period.

I singled out the advantages of the service for myself: the price, the speed of placing links, the help of the company manager in the settings for the purchase of crowd links, those. service support. There is also a minus - it is necessary to work on reporting formats. I would like to see more options for established links. I think that traffic growth by 10 times for the spent budget is an excellent result of the work!
Igor Tolopilo
Project Founder


We are glad that the client is satisfied. Taking into account the project budget, the results achieved clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of promoting young projects with crowd links. Separately, it is worth noting that success was ensured by high-quality content, which was generated by the specialists of the Customer's company, and high-quality SEO optimization within the site, which our specialists helped to carry out. The project has a high potential for growth - the topic of cryptocurrencies is relevant now and will be relevant for a long time to come.

Search traffic growth
Website traffic growth
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