The case of crowdsourced link promotion

Wholesale and retail online store of medical products with delivery throughout Russia

Growth of search traffic
Growing traffic from sites
increase site visibility
11 months

Project budget and statistics

  • 2677 links
  • ₽ 254,779

The project was launched before the Tariffs were introduced, with a budget of 25,000 rubles per month, which is lower than the current cost of the Professional tariff. This budget made it possible to purchase 2,677 crowd-sourced links with a total budget of 254,779 rubles.

The average cost of a link was just over 95 rubles.

According to the service, of the 2,677 crowdsourced links bought during the campaign, 2,633 are still "live," meaning no more than 2% have been removed.

Donor sites have indexed the established links very well - you can see that in the screenshot of the statistics.

Yandex - 1674 links indexed.
Google - 1,580 crowd-links out of 2,633 existing at the moment.

Traffic from websites more than doubled in 11 months

What were you doing - campaign settings

The purchase of links was made with the restriction of domain zones of donor sites - crowdsourced links were allowed only from the zones .ru and .rf

Values of quality indicators of sites-donors links, established for the campaign:
Domain Rank - from 15
Trust Rank - from 10
SQI (Yandex) - from 120
Average rates of crowdsourced donors purchased in as part of the work of the project:
Domain Rank - 22
Trust Rank - 18
SQI (Yandex) - 240

In the course of the campaign, the crowd-sourced link purchase settings changed several times. The main strategy that the customer used was to gradually increase the volume of purchases based on the results of link placement and indexing in the previous period. On average, there was a +20% increase in buying volume per month.

The main emphasis was placed on the purchase of unanchored links to internal pages, to grow low- and medium-frequency queries for product categories of the site. Initially, the site had good positions for many high-frequency queries:

  • medical products in bulk
  • medical goods Moscow
  • medical goods Moscow buy
  • meditary products wholesale moscow
  • etc.
We are satisfied with the result. Crowdlinks work, the growth of search traffic is a clear confirmation of this. After the basic SEO optimization work, we focused on improving the link profile of the site and Work2crowd helped us do it quickly and not "for all the money in the world. Thank you!
Svetlana Tarasova
Marketing Manager


The strategy of buying unanchored links to increase the positions of medium and low-frequency queries is fully justified. Search engines respond positively to crowdsourced links from trusted donors with good quality indicators. The six-fold increase in search traffic over 11 months is a clear proof of that.

Growing search traffic
Growing traffic from sites
Letting visibility
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  • ₽ 141,349
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Growing traffic from sites
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