The case of crowdsourced link promotion

Online store women's, men's and children's shoes from Russia

Growth of search traffic
Growing traffic from sites
increase site visibility
4 months

Project budget and statistics

  • 610 links
  • ₽ 63 413

The project was launched before the Tariffs were introduced, with a budget of 15,000 rubles per month (this corresponds to the current cost of the tariff "Optimal"), which allowed to purchase 610 links with a total budget of 63,413 RUB.

The average cost of a link was just over 100 rubles.

The service reports that of the 610 crowdsourced links purchased during the campaign, the current "live." 579 remained, so only about 5% were removed.

Donor sites showed a high percentage of indexation of links placed.

Yandex - 389 links indexed.
Google - 447 crowd-links out of 579 existing at the moment.

In addition to the increase in search traffic, established links provided an increase in direct visits to the site Customer.

What were you doing - campaign settings

The purchase of links was made without limiting the domain zone of donor sites.

Values of quality indicators of sites-donors links, established for the campaign:
Domain Rank - from 15
Trust Rank - from 10
SQI (Yandex) - from 150
Average rates of crowdsourced donors purchased in as part of the work of the project:
Domain Rank - 26
Trust Rank - 17
SQI (Yandex) - 330

Campaign settings included distribution of purchases to the homepage and internal pages of the site anchor and unanchored links in the ratio of 20/80.

In addition to the category and shoe brand pages, a pool of product pages was selected on which to was raise the position of relevant queries from the top 30 to the top ten. In this matter, the tactic of point Purchasing unanchored crowdsourced links works best.

Thank you for the quality links! I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the manager from the service and quick help in setting up the RIGHT purchase. Separately, I would like to note the speed of getting links - plan for the month closed in about a week, which gives a significant boost in indexing and site promotion speed reference factors.
Olga Skupelova
inHouse SEO specialist company


The customer was right to start buying crowdsourced links in late summer and early fall. А also took into account Our recommendations for setting up the project. Given the inertia of search engines in the speed of indexing link mass, the results were achieved just at the peak of the New Year holidays - this gifts, and also a factor of cost. The cost of winter shoes is an order of magnitude higher than that of summer and demi-seasonal shoes.

By organizing a loyalty program, we were able to get rid of most of the leftovers. of the warehouse summer shoes.

2.5 times
Growing search traffic
Growing traffic from sites
Letting visibility
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  • 1700 links
  • ₽ 141,349
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Letting visibility
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